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$4,900/yr $4,900/yr $7,350/yr
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Commercial Construction Database
20,000+ Line Database
Labor & Material Costs
Union & Open Shop Costs
Location Factors (US & Canada)
Work Group Management
3 Different User Levels
Project Features
Project Details Information
Assign & Manage Users
Create & Manage Estimates
Project Cost Overview
Escalation Tools
Combine Estimates
Clone Projects & Estimates
Export Reports
Estimate Features
Dynamic Search with Auto-Suggest
Division Lock for Focused Work
Add Bulk Line Items
Save Divisions to Favorites
Add Divisions From Favorites
Easily Identify Added Lines
Estimates organized by division
Unlimited Custom Line Items
Dynamic Cost Totals by Division
Dynamic Cost Totals by Estimate
Save Custom Line Items as a Group
Contractor Burdens (compounded)
Global Modifiers (labor, materials or both)
Add Custom Modifiers (labor, materials or both)
Coefficient Tools
Estimate Level Coefficients
Line Item Level Coefficients
Export Client Ready
Overview, Multi-Estimate, Estimate Detail
$4,900/yr $4,900/yr $7,350/yr
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Additional Seats
$150/mo (add in your account once created)

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