Software Features

A fast streamlined system that covers the essentials as well
as collaboration and estimation tools to move your project
forward efficiently.

Cost Data

The Sierra West Construction Cost database is built into the system. This database is required by the state of California and other agencies across the country. The ability to import custom databases will be also avalable soon.

Estimation Tools

We’ve streamlined the estimate building process helping you stay focused and get a lot of work done fast without the usual hassles. You can search, select, point and click to add one or hundreds of line items efficiently. Add custom lines as well as save favorites by Division to use again later.

Team Collaboration

Choose to work independently or as a team. Teams can consist of up to 3 levels including; Admin, Project Lead and Estimators. Admins have full access, Project Leads have extensive control including project level control, overseeing estimates, combining estimates and more. Estimators are invited to a specific project to handle their portion of the estimating.

Combine Estimates

Combine any number of estimates into one large estimate with just a few clicks. As an example: combine Division level estimates from multiple estimators into a single estimate

Manage Projects & Estimates

Have you done a similar project before? Save time by cloning that project or estimate and reusing all or any part as needed. You can also save estimate divisions as favorites to reuse later in any project with a couple clicks.

Custom Line Items

Do you require something custom in your estmate? Add any number of custom line items to your eastimate. You can also easily save all of your custom lines in your personal favorites.

Markup Features

Built-in contractor burdens which compound as well as labor and materials modifiers that can be applied to either or both as well as custom modifiers are all available. If you choose the JOC option you can have a single coefficient applied to your estimate,

JOC Specific Features

JOC projects require certain features for calculating your estimate as well as reporting. Create your estimate, add your coefficient and get an accurate, client ready report in record time.

Escalation Tools

Use our built-in escalation tool to calculate your project cost automatically as it evolves over time.

Cloud Based Software

Access the system from any computer at any time. Edits are immediate and all users will see them immediately.

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